Yom Kippur – Education

September 6, 2017 @ 20:00 – 21:00
Landy Gallery













Do you worry that Orthodoxy is veering too far to the right?  Don’t miss your only opportunity to hear Rabbi Asher Lopatin speaking in the shul, one of America’s leading authorities on Open Modern Orthodoxy and the high-profile president of Rabbi Avi Weiss’s rabbinical school in New York, Yeshivat Chovevei Torah.

Also hear Edditor-in-chief of Maggid Books and Talmudic narrative teacher Gila Fine, one of the breakout stars of last year’s Limmud Conference.

A very popular return to the UK of another Limmud favourite, Rabbi Dr Sam Lebens.  Bringing his ability to unlock the most out of reach ideas and bring them down to earth for modern Jews.

A great selection of our own top notch UK speakers including Hampstead’s very own Rabbi Dr Michael Harris.



Judaism – Learn Behind the Labels


Strictly limited places and prices will rise as each batch of tickets sell out.


  • Rabbi Asher Lopatin, President of Yeshivat Chovevei Torah
  • Gila Fine, Editor-in-chief of Maggid Books (Koren Publishers Jerusalem)
  • Rabbi Dr Sam Lebens, Associate Research Fellow at Rutgers University, Philosophy Department
  • Maureen Kendler, LSJS Teaching Fellow
  • Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz, LSJS Teaching Fellow
  • Rabbi Dr Michael Harris, Rabbi of Hampstead US
  • Dina Brawer, JOFA UK Ambassador
  • Lindsay Simmonds, LSJS Faculty
  • Felicia Epstein, LSJS Trustee
  • Dr Miri Freud-Kandel, University of Oxford (OCHJS)


Reviewing the Past, Building the Future

PART 1 – Learn: To Be Jewish – chaired by Maureen Kendler

21 September 10am-3pm at Hampstead United Synagogue

  • “What do we believe that God is doing on Rosh Hashona and Yom Kippur, and what should we make believe?” Rabbi Dr Sam Lebens
  • “Eyes That Cannot See, Lips That Cannot Speak: A Tragedy of Rabbinic Rivalry” Gila Fine
  • “Chareidi, Modern and Orthodox: A beautiful combination from the Psak of the Aruch Hashulchan” Rabbi Asher Lopatin

(includes light meal and refreshments)

PART 2 – The Jewish Future in Our Hands – chaired by Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz

21 September 4pm-9pm at Hampstead United Synagogue

  • “The New Jewish Family: Is the community ready for them?” Rabbi Asher Lopatin
  • “What is halakha, and how does it evolve?” Rabbi Dr Sam Lebens
  • “Feminism in Judaism: foreign import or neglected ideal?”l Dina Brawer, Lindsay Simmonds and Rabbi Asher Lopatin
  • Rabbis’ Panel chaired by Felicia Epstein including Rabbi Asher Lopatin, Rabbi Dr Michael Harris, Rabbi Dr Sam Lebens

(includes light meal and refreshments)

PART 3 – Beyond Belief – chaired by Maureen Kendler

22 September 8-10pm at HGSS – Landy Gallery

  • “Reflections on the primordial Torah and the problems it raises for Orthodox doctrine” Rabbi Dr Sam Lebens
  • “Torah Misinai, Innovation Misinai” Rabbi Asher Lopatin
  • Q&A with Rabbi Asher Lopatin and Rabbi Dr Sam Lebens chaired by Dr Miri Freud-Kandel
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