The HGSS Sephardi minyan is a little corner of Israel, right here in Norrice Lea.

The members who participate in the services come from all over the world, from Israel to Morocco, Iraq to Lebanon, Iran to Brazil, France, Tunisia, Libya, Uzbekistan, Italy and of course the UK. The Community is growing in numbers as well as dynamism with new members and visitors joining all the time especially in the newly married age group.

The Sephardi Minyan began in 1999, spearheaded by Charles Zeloof and Victor Amar. In its starting years, services were held in the homes of various members. The minyan continued to flourish and eventually found its home in the Landy Gallery.

The services in the Sephardi tradition are held on most Shabbatot, in the Landy Gallery.

The services are conducted in the Yerushalmi Tradition, ensuring that Sephardi tunes and customs are perpetuated through the generations.

The Sephardi Minyan has become a centrepoint for the local community and source of much communal warmth, friendship and convergence. The services are concluded with a Kiddush with ’Var Torah and singing.

We believe that this is one of the warmest and most welcoming minyan you will find and visitors are always welcome to come and join our regular Services.