Get involved



TGI Tuesdays
We look forward to welcoming you each term at TGI Tuesday, ‘Thank G-d it’s Tuesday.’ This is your opportunity to invest in your Jewish journey, with both daytime and evening programmes.

Friday Morning Tehillim
Held weekly in private homes, the Tehillim group is an informal women’s gathering. You’ll hear some inspiring words from Rochelle and then we’ll daven/recite Tehillim (Psalms) in Hebrew or English for those who need our support (no previous knowledge required).

Shabbat Afternoon Learning 
On Shabbat afternoons there is time between Mincha and Maariv for some informal learning. In winter, this is typically led by Rabbis Levene and Herszaft. In the summer months, we come together for a lovely seudah shelishit featuring guest speakers as well as some singing.



Rosh Chodesh Broadcasts
Join our monthly Rosh Chodesh Broadcast and learn for a few minutes at a time convenient to you in the comfort of your own home. To sign up, email with your mobile number and the subject ‘RC WhatsApp,’ and she will add you to her broadcast list.

Coffee & Conversation
Delve into modern Jewish subjects on Shabbat mornings. Join us to sip, listen and savour the experience. For more details please contact Martin Kaye

Educational Events
Our speakers will ignite your curiosity and enhance your understanding. Join us throughout the season for communal events – a chance to learn, socialise, make connections and reconnect with Jewish traditions.