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Welfare & nefesh


The Nefesh Network offers a confidential service of practical and emotional support in a friendly manner. Our aim is to promote and encourage a sense of belonging and involvement so that everyone within our community feels cared for, valued and respected. All volunteers are trained to be non-judgmental, friendly, sensitive, caring and patient.

Our confidential telephone helpline can be accessed by all HGSS members and their families and is intended to be the first port of call for any welfare or support issues. The helpline provides support to people going through problems throughout life – such as divorce, bereavement, mental and physical health difficulties, or a wide spectrum of other challenges which can be so difficult to cope with.


The helpline is manned on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday morning. It is not an emergency service. At all other times you can leave a message on the same number, and we will aim to respond within 24 hours.

Should the nature of your inquiry be beyond the scope or expertise of our volunteers, our Rabbinic team are always available to speak to on a confidential basis, and we have an extensive database of both Jewish and non-Jewish organisations and will help to direct you to the appropriate agency.

We always welcome offers of volunteer support and offer training before any engagement with members takes place.

You can call the Nefesh Network helpline on 020 8455 0040.


HGSS offers a supportive and empathetic space for those in their period of mourning. This opportunity is open to any HGSS member who wishes to explore the centuries old Kaddish prayer and understand its deeper meaning and significance during their period of mourning.