We ensure that new babies always get a special welcome into the HGSS community as they start their Jewish journey. Please let us know about your new arrival, as we would love to celebrate with you!

Brit Milah (circumcision) should take place on the eighth day after the birth of a baby boy, unless the baby’s health dictates postponement. A list of registered mohelim (practitioners) can be found at Alternatively, advice may be sought from Rabbi Levene at

Pidyon Haben (Redemption of the First-Born) is a ceremony that traditionally takes place 30 days after the birth of a first-born son (although there are many reasons why such a ceremony will not occur). For guidance on arranging the ceremony, again please consult Rabbi Levene at

A baby girl is typically named in shul on a day when the Torah is read (Mondays, Thursdays and Shabbat). Although it’s customary to name a girl in shul at the first opportunity, it can happen whenever the parents choose. It is often a joyous occasion when family and friends celebrate with the community, along with a a celebratory kiddush at the conclusion of the service.


We hold an annual baby blessing service on a Shabbat in May for all babies born in the previous year.

We invite all the babies and their parents to take part in a beautiful ceremony led by our Rabbis. Of course, all siblings, grandparents and other family members are more than welcome to join for this special occasion.

For further information about the dates of the ceremony and how to take part, please email the office at