If you are considering applying for a place at a Jewish nursery, primary or secondary school, you may already know that you are required to complete a Certificate of Religious Practice (CRP).  A copy of the CRP must be sent directly to the school or nursery together with relevant supporting documentation and the school’s Supplementary Information Form (SIF).  Please check the admissions pages of the school you are applying for as each school’s requirements might be slightly different.

The CRP process has recently been updated and now provides five ways to earn the 4 points required to achieve the CRP.  Remember that there is no benefit to earning more than 4 points!

Details and FAQs can be found at www.theus.org.uk/crp and the accompanying information film on US.tv www.TheUS.tv/crp2021

Attending shul on Shabbat morning is still one way of earning points, although this is not compulsory. We have recently restarted a children’s service for younger children.  Parents and children are welcome to attend any of the other Shabbat morning services that the Shul is offering but please bear in mind that places at services must be booked in advance (bit.ly/BookHGSS) and capacity at services is still limited.

To collect points for attending Shabbat morning services, please click on the following link and register on the US CRP online system http://myus.theus.org.uk/crp-application.

Another way of earning points is by volunteering within the Jewish Community. If you are interested in joining the HGSS Security rota, please email security@hgss.org.uk.

Wishing you every success in achieving entry to your desired school.