HGSS is privileged to celebrate a Bar and/or a Bat Mitzvah nearly every week.

Each Bar and Bat Mitzvah is unique and we like to ensure that each young person has their own day and special time. As well as the traditional Shabbat morning service, we also offer the following ceremonies which can be celebrated in addition or as an alternative.

Bar Mitzvah boys can attend the morning service on a Thursday following their 13th birthday (according to the Hebrew calendar). They are called up to the Torah for the first time and also have the opportunity to lein their portion. The family may also wish to provide a small l’chaim after the service plus there is an opportunity for family photos (as it is not Shabbat).

For girls, HGSS has a range of Bat Mitzvah ceremonies including candle lighting on Friday evening, Shabbat morning, Havdalah as Shabbat goes out as well as on a Sunday.  Families are able to choose which service they feel would be most meaningful (and of course practical) for their daughter.  At each ceremony, the Bat Mitzvah Girl is able to deliver her Dvar Torah in the presence of family and friends.

Bar Mitzvah
We are happy to share our list of approved teachers who will ensure that each boy is taught to the highest standard and is able to perform confidently and accurately.  Please contact Abi for further details.  Instruction should not begin more than a year before the date of the Bar Mitzvah.

Bat Mitzvah
Preparation for celebrating Bat Mitzvahs begins when Abi from the Synagogue Office contacts parents of girls in Year 5 (usually during the Spring Term) to confirm the date which is allocated based on their 12th birthday according to the Hebrew calendar and to sign up for our Mothers and Daughters Bat Mitzvah Programme.


Booking your Simcha
Click on the following link which will take you to a Calendar Calculator to help you find your child’s Hebrew birthday.

Please contact the Synagogue Office up to 3 years in advance of your celebration to book an appointment with the Wardens who will confirm which dates are available to book your Bar or Bat Mitzvah.