Where:The Max Weinbaum Hall
When:Every Shabbat morning (except festivals and special programmed shabbatot)
What time:7.45am

The Hashkama minyan has developed into a permanent fixture which graciously complements the other services in the Shul.

The environment has been described as “meaningful yet informal and all encompassing”. As in all our services we strive for it to be warm, welcoming and inclusive; Ashkenazim and Sephardim, the more-frum and the less-frum, all mixed together.

Services are led by members of the minyan; everyone is encouraged to participate, whether to daven, lein or read the haftarah. Most members of the minyan are in their seats before the service starts, or within the next 5 minutes. Davening is never protracted, but always respectful. Conversation is discouraged – until we get to Kiddush.

On a typical Shabbat morning there are usually over 60 men present, and up to a dozen women. Children turn up too. The age range is 0 to 90 something.

Kiddush is in the Kerem Dining Room immediately after the service, at about 9.35am. The conversation is always lively. Proceedings conclude with a D’var Torah from a guest speaker (sometimes a Rabbi, but often a lay person; sometimes a shul member, but often invited from outside).

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