Regular Activities

Youth Service
The youth service meets every Shabbat morning throughout the year during term time, and is for everyone in years 8 to 13.  It’s usually a full service with peer led davening and leining.

It is combined with great food and occasional break away educational sessions. We also have CHAT which usually runs during leining and is a girls only session. It focuses on current themes and issues facing Jewish girls.

Travel the world through a different themed kiddush each week and learn about a community from that country.

The Zone – Years 7
The Zone is an exciting and innovative programme which has been designed to cater for young people in Year 7 in the run up to their Bar/Bat Mitzvah and for all levels of Jewish knowledge.

Through modern, experiential and interactive education techniques, participants will join their peers to learn, discover and appreciate being Jewish and the relevance it has today.

Rather than passive learning, the participants will be invited to explore Jewish topics and traditions for themselves and be encouraged to ask, challenge and debate in a respectful and welcoming environment.  The formal programme, along with the informal learning and trips will provide essential Jewish knowledge through hands on experiences in an engaging and fun environment.  It will instil Jewish values and explore being a Jewish ‘Teen’ in the modern world as well as giving the opportunity for participants to build a strong social group within their communities.

Click here to apply for the Zone Years 7.

Project Impact – Year 9
Want to help make the world a better place? Join Project IMPACT. Volunteering with elderly, interfaith sessions, working with GIFT, Kisharon and many more!  Starting 15 November. Credited for Duke of Edinburgh and Yoni Jesner Award. For bookings and more details click here.

Years 9 – 10 GCSE Programme
Religious Studies GCSE class

This is a two year course in preparation for the Religious Studies GCSE examination. This programme is run in partnership with James Howard Education who will provide the classes on a weekday evening. The course focuses on Jewish Studies and also includes the study of Islam as a comparative religion.

Lessons will be taught in an informal and inspiring way, enabling students to learn about their Jewish heritage and Jewish practice whilst also making and maintaining friendships with other Jewish students. There is also an additional benefit of experiencing a ‘real’ GCSE early, and gaining useful tools for study and exam preparation that apply across all subjects.

In addition to the weekly, term-time classes, there will also be optional special Zone trips for all participants together.  The trips will be directly related to what the pupils are studying in order to give them the opportunity to reinforce their learning through hands-on experiences. Click here to enquire.