At HGSS our members enjoy Kiddush every week following the morning service.

We have a rota of volunteers working in teams who help one Shabbat in six, to prepare, put out the food and then clear away at the end.

However we are always looking for extra help from men and women of all ages from the community who are able to give a little of their time – preparation starts at 9.30am and takes around 1 hour.

New recruits are always welcome (and appreciated). Please contact the Shul Office 020 8457 7041 for further details.

We would love you to join the New Members Committee to help make phone calls to new members and generally get involved in making those joining HGSS feel at home.

Volunteers to join Nashim (ladies committee) – Ladies of all ages are most welcome, and indeed, we would be delighted if you would become are actively involved in our welfare work. You will organise many and varied social fund-raising events raising money not just for the Synagogue but also for other charitable organisations.

We would like to start up a new synagogue social committee for the over 60’s with a view to holding social evenings to include entertainment and dinners with speakers etc. in the Shul’s wonderful new hall.

The Responsibility of the Majority should not be left to a Minority.

The most commonly asked question on security is ‘what good can I really do?’ The answer is simple – “A great deal”. The presence of security personnel offers a visual deterrent. We know that synagogues and Jewish buildings across London are under the constant observation of our enemies. While it is unlikely that we are under the threat of imminent attack, the most important deterrent we can offer is to make our building appear professionally protected.

The necessity of a full security team, deployed in necessary strategic positions is vital. Most importantly, our volunteers must be alert and aware of their surroundings. They must monitor all approaching traffic (pedestrian and motor vehicles) and be alert to anything, or anyone, that looks out of place, in our synagogue environment.

We are continually looking for help on the Shabbat security rota. While we have resisted suggestions to make this compulsory with membership (like many other shul’s in London), we have a small, loyal core of volunteers who assume the full responsibility for the rest. This must change if we are to continue to keep our building safe and secure, for the long-term future of our community. We would like to encourage more volunteers from our younger members (17+), new members and young parents, and also from the female congregation.

Please don’t leave the responsibility of the majority to just a minority. The people we are protecting are your family and your friends.

If you are able to assist or would like to know more about helping to protect our community, please email the Chair of Security.

We would encourage members to pick a day of the week (Sun – Thurs) and commit to attend regularly on that day. This is particularly important for our members who are saying kaddish, to help us ensure there is a daily minyan. Women are also welcome to attend.

Offering support to our members in times of need.

We need volunteers to run the children’s services on Shabbat morning, from Year 1 onwards.

Suburb Link – To host diverse social, educational and spiritual events for 20’s and 30’s.

Please get in touch with the shul office or fill out the form below.

Many thanks in advance for your support.

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